Herbed Potatoes and Squash

New potatoes and summer squash are seasoned with rosemary then grilled making a delicious side dish to your barbecue menu.


4 to 6 servings


2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh rosemary
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 pound red and/or white tiny new potatoes, halved
2 small yellow summer squash, cut in thick diagonal slices (about 2 cups)
snipped fresh rosemary and/or dill


In bowl stir together oil, rosemary, and salt. Add potatoes; toss.

For charcoal grill, arrange medium-hot coals around drip pan. Place grill wok, basket, or foil pan directly on rack above drip pan; heat 5 minutes. Add potatoes; cover and grill 10 minutes, stirring once. Add squash; cover; grill 15 minutes more, until potatoes are tender, stirring once. Transfer to serving dish. Sprinkle with remaining fresh rosemary.

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Grill Time: 25 minutes

Nutritional Information

Calories 147, Total Fat 7 g, Saturated Fat 1 g, Monounsaturated Fat 5 g, Polyunsaturated Fat 1 g, Cholesterol 0 mg, Sodium 249 mg, Carbohydrate 20 g, Total Sugar 1 g, Fiber 3 g, Protein 3 g

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