Jamaican Jerk Dry Rub

This is a dry Jamaican Jerk seasoning that is especially good on grilled chicken! You may want to give some away to friends because this recipe makes a lot! Use it as a dry rub on grilled chicken, fish, steak, or just about anything else.


26 cups


1 1/2 cups allspice
8 cups salt
5 1/2 cups garlic powder
4 cups granulated (white) sugar
1 cup chipotle chile powder
1/2 cup ground cloves
2 cups dried thyme leaves
2 cups ground black pepper
4 cups cayenne pepper
1 cup ground cinnamon


Place allspice, salt, garlic powder, sugar, chipotle powder, cloves, thyme, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon into a very large bowl. Mix together until well blended.

To use, rub spice mix onto the meat of your choice, about 1 1/2 teaspoons per serving. For best results, marinate for at least an hour to allow the flavors of the rub to penetrate the meat.


Store in airtight containers.

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