Marmalade Recipes

Marmalade is the golden suspension of fruit peel and pulp in a tart yet sweet jelly. These delicious spreads might best be described as citrus fruit preserves. Although the original European marmalades were made using quince -- the Portuguese word marmelada means "quince jam" -- today's most popular marmalade uses Seville oranges.

Marmalade can be made using any variety of citrus fruit, on its own or mixed. Tender fruits or vegetables may also be added. Toast with marmalade is a traditional breakfast favorite, but marmalade also makes a fantastic glaze for sweet and savory foods and is a marvelous addition to many marinades.

Traditional marmalades are made using the long-boil method and no added pectin. These marmalades require longer boiling time, as well as a gel stage test for doneness. If you have not previously made a long-boil marmalade, start with one of the easier quick marmalades, prepared with added pectin.

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