Casa Marina

This is a delicious cocktail which tastes just like summer in a glass! It's also pretty lethal because it tastes so innocently alcohol free! You can make up a big bowl of it by just chucking a bottle of each spirit and a carton of each juice into a punch bowl. Adding a bottle of sparkling wine gives it some fizz -- and an extra kick!


2 servings


1 fluid ounce melon liqueur
1 fluid ounce peach schnapps
1 fluid ounce coconut flavored rum
2 fluid ounces white rum
3 2/3 fluid ounces orange juice
3 2/3 fluid ounces cranberry juice
2 twists lime zest, garnish


In a cocktail shaker full of ice, combine melon liqueur, peach schnapps, coconut rum, white rum, orange juice and cranberry juice. Shake vigorously for about 60 seconds. Strain into 2 tall glasses and serve with a twist of lime zest.

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