Cinnamon Caramel Apple Martini

A twist on the traditional Sour Apple Martini.


1 serving


1 ounce Buttershots Schnapps
2 ounces vodka
1 ounce Rose's Sour Apple Mix
maraschino cherry
brown sugar
caramel syrup
candy cane and fresh apple slice for garnish


Sprinkle some brown sugar and cinnamon on a small plate. Pour caramel syrup on top of the sugar mixture in a circle. Dip the rim of a martini glass in the mixture and spin back and forth and all around until the whole rim is coated. Place the glass in the freezer until ready to use.

In a shaker with ice, add the Buttershots, the vodka and the sour apple mix. Shake for a minute. Remove glass from freezer. Place one maraschino cherry in the bottom of the glass. Pour mix from shaker into glass. Garnish with a candy cane and an apple slice.

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